Following are some of the areas where Screenarts Incorporated can help you with your next project. We can be involved in all of them (and more) or just the one or two things where you need help. We have worked with corporations and organizations of all sizes with budgets that range from impossible to very nice. 

Pre-production can include:

Idea generation

Concept creation

Budget Creation

Casting & Auditions

Location scouting

Crew acquisition

Composer, if required

Shoot schedule

Permits & Insurance

Production can include:

Narration Recording

Design, tempo & mood

Green screen, if required




Camera(s) including Drone platforms


Accommodation, if required

Craft Services, if required

Production Accounting

Post-Production includes:

Footage acquisition

Rough edit

Title creation & design

Narration and audio mix

Fine cut 

Music and SFX mix

Final edit

Versioning for Internet

DVD Creation + Design + Duplication (if required)

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