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Pre-production includes: Idea generation. Concept creation. Script creation. Budget Creation. Auditions & Casting, if required. Location scouting, if required. Selecting best crew members. Shoot schedule creation. Permits & Insurance.


Production includes: All shoot days. Narration recording, if required. Green screen, if required. Special lighting requirements. Location or studio sound recording. Makeup, if required. Accommodation, if required. Craft Services, if required. Crew payment and production accounting.


Post-Production includes: Moving raw footage into our edit system. Rough edit. Title design & creation. Audio mixing, including narration, music, sfx and raw location sound. Fine cut for time and pacing. Client review and approvals. Changes & final edit, if required. Versioning for broadcast, Internet, or DVD release, if required. Master file creation and storage.
Duplication, if required.


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National Ovarian Cancer Association


National Ovarian Cancer Assoc.


TV Commercial

Make a Difference

Shopper's Drug Mart

5 Summit Awards

Video Production

Toward a Healthy City

Toronto Public Health


It all began with a Great Idea

  • Ralph Lucas


    Screenarts was founded by senior broadcast executive Ralph Lucas following careers in radio, advertising and television. Half of his two decades in radio were spent rebranding and reprogramming three failing stations in Montreal and Toronto returning each of them to market dominance. Our clients trust his experience, knowledge, leadership and ability to find the right solution no matter how how difficult the communications challenge might be.

  • Allan Friedman

    Executive Producer

    A detail-oriented project manager, Executive Producer Allan Friedman keeps strict control of the budget and ensures your project runs smoothly from concept to final edit. Involved in all critical decisions from crew selection to production scheduling, the Executive Producer works for us but he represents you throughout the full production process.

  • We Are More Than

    Corporate Video

    Screenarts has been involved in the creation of TV documentaries - two of them grew out of Corporate projects - pilots for series about cooking, exercise and current affairs, short films, music videos and commercials. Screenarts also produced a gardening series which was distributed internationally (by Sullivan Entertainment) and a feature-length documentary "Three for the Road," which was broadcast nationally. We have also been unvolved either just directing or providing direction & post-production on commercials for the Ontario Ministery of Health, Kodak, Norbert Pools and Northernstars.ca.

  • Best results

    start with the Best People

    Much of our success has been achieved through careful project management. By working with a wide range of talent we can assemble the best crew, the best team for each project. We don't "crank out" video productions and there is no "cookie cutter" approach at Screenarts. Each project is unique and we hire the people who will contribute the most to the success of each production. We don't do that to win awards. The awards are like a bonus, given long after the work is done and the projects have acheived the goals established by the people and companies that have trusted us to craft their message.

  • Clients

    Screenarts is proud to have worked with these and other companies and organizations: Aux Generators Incorporated, Canadian Oil Heat Association, Canadian Physiotherapy Association, Cancer Care Ontario, CHUBB Insurance, City of Toronto - Toronto Public Health, DuraSystems Barriers Inc., EnerSource - Hydro Mississauga, ExxonMobil Canada, Farmer's Markets Ontario, National Engineering and Research Council, Norbert Pools - Chicago, Northernstars.ca, Ontario Ministry of Health, Ontario Opportunity Bonds, Ontario Power Generation, National Ovarian Cancer Association, Phantom Industries, The Royal Conservatory, Shoppers Drug Mart, Shred-It, Toronto Hydro, Toronto-Sunnybrook Regional Cancer Centre, Wrigley Canada Limited & Wyeth Animal Health.
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What people say about Screenarts.

Ontario Physiotherapy Assoc.

Video & TV documentary

"I just want to thank you again for your excellent work on our television program and video. The project is an unqualified success."

National Ovarian Cancer Assoc.

Support Videos

Awareness Video

"Working with Screenarts has been a very successful experience. We are extremely pleased. The video you have produced has been tested nationally to rave reviews! Thank you for your attention to detail and for your thoughtful portrayal of this subject.

Shoppers Drug Mart

Various Projects

"I just wanted to thank you again for all your hard work on our English and French Student Recruitment Videos and our Pharmacist of the Year videos. The entire, complicated process was effortless (for me) because it was so well managed by you from the detailed preproduction meeting right through to delivery of the finished product. Not a mean feat, considering that these videos involved 15 days of shooting in 18 locations in 12 cities in 7 provinces! And as I mentioned at the time, our people in Quebec were very impressed that a Toronto production house could do error-free work in French. The videos not only achieved everything they were intended to achieve, but they were very well received. So thank you again, for the videos, and for the copies of the award certificate and trophy now adorning my office."

Screenarts has worked with companies both local and international, non-profit organizations, advertising agencies & various government ministries and departments. We look forward to working with you.

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